The vPSI Group Newsletter, H-E-A-R Say

In June 2009, vPSI Group launched its newsletter, H-E-A-R Say.  Those familiar with vPSI terminology will recognize the pun in the title that includes our acronym for the four components of all accidents: Harm, the unplanned Event, Acts of people, and Reasons for the acts.

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Here are all the issues of H-E-A-R Say, beginning with the most recent:

Recovering Value Lost from Unresolved Near Misses

Risk Bandits

Executive Coaching: Leading Your New Organization

Combining Business with Pleasure

Stop Work Authority and the Bystander Effect

Silver Linings

Combining Business with Pleasure

Slash Non-Productive Time!

Mental Health Break

(In conjunction with this article, our website is hosting this special page of links to online resources directed towards recognizing and treating mental health problems in the workplace.)

Pre-Task Plans: Why Bother?

Get More Out of BBS and Management Site Visits

Combining Business with Pleasure

Medical Adverse Events

Data Quality Ladder

Wag of the Finger or Tip of the Hat?


Types of Unpreventable Unplanned Events

Castles Built on Sand

Combining Business with Pleasure

Patent No Longer Pending

How vPSI Impacts Users

Risk Matrices Cut Both Ways

Reasons We Are Not Getting to Zero

Combining Business with Pleasure

Who is Checking Your Homework?

The Journey to Zero, Re-Examined

Fired Up Over FRC

Times When a Systemic Change is Not the Answer

The Journey to Zero...Via Australia

Yet Another Reason to Review Your Safety Incentive Scheme

Is Discipline a Corrective Action?

New Cloud in the Cloud

Silo Busting

Reasons We Are Not Getting to Zero

Number Crunching

Another Reason to Review Your Safety Incentive Scheme

Combining Business with Pleasure

The Quest for "Why?"

How to Improve Your vPSI Metrics™

vPSI System™ Users' Forum

Combining Business with Pleasure

Should is a 4 Letter Word

Number Crunching

Weaver Brothers, Inc

Combining Business with Pleasure

vPSI's Brutal Mirror of Truth

Macondo: Lots of Analysis, Finally Some Action?

Pain Threshold

Rate Your IT Help Desk

Calling All vPSI "Graduates"!

How vPSI Impacts Users

What's Your Problem?  Really, We Want to Know...

What's it Worth?


The Contractor Conundrum

Choose Your Partners Wisely

Assessing Accident Investigation Reports

What Was Custer Thinking?

Key Performance Indicators (particularly valuable for those who already have excellent traditional metrics)

Out and About

To Err is Human (stop over-reacting to individual errors  and start treating them sensibly)

Prevent Repeat Violations (once is bad enough)

Handling People Who Don't Follow the Rules (including a cost / benefit model of individual decision making)

Phew, That Was Close (an examination of the term Near Miss)

Good Corrective Actions

On the Podium

Spotlight On...Norma Hart

Shovel Ready (examining uses and misuses of the phrase Lost Time)

Accidents = Problems = Opportunities

Activities Disguised as Corrective Actions

Breaking Bad News

The Habits of Highly Effective Problem Solvers

Getting Work Done Incident Free

Elements of a Plan

Happenings in Houston

Making the Most of Incident Investigations

About the "V" in vPSI Group

Back to the Future...

Happenings in Houston