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vPSI System Online Training

The following webinars were hosted and commissioned by Energy Safety Canada. Many companies deliver a good safety performance when measured by conventional metrics, yet unplanned events continue to occur despite the relatively mature and robust management systems present in such organizations. The performance determining factor in such an environment is generally not procedures or systems, but how people behave within these work control processes.

View Part 1: Risk Tolerance and Human Performance Webinar Recording  - June 9

View Part 2: Investigating Unplanned Events in a Fraction of the Time Currently Spent (Including Near Misses) Webinar Recording - June 24

View Part 3: Key Performance Indicators and Human & Organization Performance Webinar Recording - September 15, 2020


vPSI Group, LLC also offers the following online training sessions. Contact us for pricing and availability.

vPSI Online Assessor Competency Maintenance

This advanced online training, available only to Certified vPSI Assessors, is designed to continuously maintain competency in application of the vPSI System™. Monthly exercises focus on assessing and interpreting vPSI Corrective Action Types and Report Ratings, and Calculating vPSI Numbers™.   Users work through rating real-life Incident Investigation Reports and their associated Corrective Actions.  Contact us if you are interested in more information about this online training.


Rating Corrective Actions Online Refresher

This training, available to graduates of the Fundamentals of vPSI Workshop, focuses on eliminating ineffective corrective actions by applying the vPSI Test™.  It uses the vPSI Online Corrective Action Assessment Tool and DatabaseSM to guide users through rating real-life examples of Corrective Actions and Incident Reports.  Contact us if you are interested in more information about this online training.


Pre-Task Planning Online Refresher

This is an advanced online tutorial focusing on a refresher of the pre-task planning process (which has also been called JSA and JHA training). This online workshop focuses on training users to recognize worksite hazards and identify activities that can be assigned to eliminate or mitigate the hazards.  The training utilizes the vPSI Online Pre-Task Planning Tool & Library SystemSM to guide users through creating real-life Pre-Task Planning Documents they can then use in their operations.  Contact us if you are interested in more information about this online training.