Products and Services

Our Services fall into two main categories.  Click on the links provided for more information about each service offering.

Training: vPSI Group offers a wide variety of training programs, from fundamentals of the vPSI System™ to effective JSA (Job Safety Analysis) training.  Click here for more information.

Consulting: Whether you need help in the areas of journey management, service quality, or evaluating corrective actions, vPSI Group is available to help you reach your goals.  Click here for more information.


In addition, vPSI Group proudly offers two web based applications.

vPSI Online Tools: The first tool (the vPSI Online Pre-Task Planning Tool & Library SystemSM) is a library of JSA / PTP (Job Safety Analysis / Pre-Task Planning) documents that includes a wizard to help users create effective JSAs.  The second tool is the vPSI Online Corrective Action Assessment Tool and DatabaseSM and it allows users to store incidents and their related corrective actions as well as evaluate each corrective action for effectiveness.  Click here for more information.

Contact us for more information on vPSI Group's products and services.