Performance Measurement
The vPSI System supplements conventional safety measures with an evaluation of how well the organization responds to “unplanned events�such as accidents, incidents, near misses, or audit problems. This evaluation, the vPSI Number, determines the effectiveness of the organization’s response and provides an indicator of future performance.

What is the vPSI Number

The vPSI Number is a way to measure an organization's responses to all categories of unplanned events.  It is the only proven forward looking metric in the industry.  Using the vPSI Number organizations can:

  • Prevent problem / accident repetition

  • Inhibit bureaucracy

  • Streamline  corrective actions to focus on the most effective

Upon implementation of the vPSI System vPSI Group will assess the client's baseline vPSI Number span styl to evaluate past effectiveness of the organization's responses to unplanned events.  vPSI Group will train the client's personnel in how to respond to unplanned events and how to evaluate their own responses.  Using vPSI measurements to manage an organization produces sharply improved problem solving skills. 

vPSI Group invites you to try out the vPSI Number by creating a profile in the vPSI Online Corrective Action Assessment Tool and DatabaseSM, called the vPSI Online Rating Tool for short.  Input incidents from your organization and a consultant from vPSI Group will contact you to rate the corrective actions and calculate your vPSI Number  

Contact us for in-depth details of vPSI concepts and methods.


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