Performance Measurement

Learning from Incidents

The vPSI System measures and improves how organizations learn, while increasing efficiency in the utilization of limited corporate resources.

vPSI Metrics provide a unique insight into the way that organizations identify, assimilate, systemize, and sustain new knowledge, whether actively sought or revealed by unplanned events such as business interruption, incidents, or near misses. The vPSI System's tools and techniques deliver a sustainable step change improvement in risk and associated safe work performance.

vPSI has been implemented successfully in a wide variety of organizations worldwide, improving safety while reducing costs, enabling companies to do more with less while at the same time increasing operational effectiveness.

The vPSI System™ complements, and integrates into, an organization’s current business processes and management systems to shift corporate culture towards more effective and efficient recognition and capture of improvement opportunities, especially those generated when things go wrong.

What are vPSI Metrics?

The vPSI Metrics are a series of calculations that measure an organization's responses to all categories of unplanned events. There are measurements for pre-loss reporting, a measurement for the quality of the corrective actions, a measurement for implementation of corrective actions, and an overall measurement called the vPSI Number™. vPSI Metrics are the only proven forward looking metrics in the industry.  Using the vPSI Metrics, organizations will:

  • Prevent problem / accident repetition

  • Inhibit bureaucracy

  • Streamline corrective actions to focus on the most effective

  • Reduce risks

  • Encourage pre-loss reporting

Upon implementation of the vPSI System™, vPSI Group will assess the client's baseline vPSI Metrics to evaluate past effectiveness of the organization's responses to unplanned events.  vPSI Group will train the client's personnel in how to respond to unplanned events and how to evaluate their own responses.  Using vPSI measurements to manage an organization produces sharply improved problem solving skills. 

See the brochure on the vPSI Metrics. 

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