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vPSI Training Services

vPSI training services fall into three categories: Foundation Level, Advanced, and Custom. Training can be at your location, in our offices, or at a training facility convenient to your location. Some classes may even be available online. More information about online training can be found here.

Training services may be provided on the basis of all inclusive fixed prices or fixed prices plus time and materials for variable elements such as travel.

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Foundation Level vPSI Training Classes:

  • vPSI Executive Overview: A 2 to 4 hour workshop aimed at  top level managers to provide them a general understanding of vPSI concepts, especially useful prior to implementing the vPSI System™ in their operations. Tailored to meet the needs of the client organization. Contact us for more information.

  • Fundamentals of vPSI (“Applying vPSI Methods of Problem Solving”): A 1-day foundation level class that revolutionizes the typical approach to solving problems such as those revealed by accidents, downtime, and property damage. Click here for a more detailed overview.

  • Open Enrollment: This is the Fundamentals of vPSI, usually a client-specific class, opened up to all interested parties. Click here for more information.

  • On-Scene Incident Investigation: A 1-day workshop that instructs employees in collecting comprehensive and high-fidelity information on which a quality investigation can be based, and ultimately relevant and effective corrective actions implemented. Aimed at front-line personnel likely to be on location when an unplanned event occurs. Click here  for a more detailed overview. This subject is available in a number of different formats including a class aimed at supervisory personnel (click here for a brochure). As with all our workshops, it is highly customizable.

  • Simple Incident Analytics (2Box and Human Performance Analysis): A 2-day class that provides employees sufficient knowledge to enable them to pick up and follow through on information provided by front-line personnel, conduct an efficient investigation, and ultimately develop and implement relevant and effective corrective actions. Click here for a more detailed overview.

  • Human Performance Analysis: A 1-day workshop that enables employees to examine the human behaviors that lead to unplanned events and develop effective corrective actions to prevent a repeat of the error. Contact us for more information.

  • Management Visit Program (MvP): A 1-day workshop with follow-up mentoring to train management in conducting effective site visits. vPSI's answer to problems with traditional management visit programs. Includes the requirement to devise and implement solutions to any real problems identified during the management visit. Provides a mechanism to track and measure the effectiveness of the actions taken and the visit itself. Click here  for a more detailed overview. See the brochure.

  • vPSI Intervention Program (vIP): vPSI's answer to problems with traditional behavior based safety programs. Includes the requirement to devise and implement solutions to any real problems identified during worker-led interaction. A 1-day workshop that overcomes the downfalls of traditional Behavior Based Safety (BBS) programs. Provides a mechanism to track and measure the effectiveness of actions taken and monitor the progress of system-wide improvements. See the brochure.

  • vPSI Refresher: Modularized versions of various of the vPSI Training offerings can be developed upon request. Contact us for more information.

Advanced Level vPSI Training Classes:

  • Certified vPSI Assessor: An advanced 1-day workshop for people operating as vPSI Assessors in an organization. It is delivered as a single client class and can only be delivered in a vPSI licensed environment. Since January 2009, Assessor workshops have utilized the vPSI Online Corrective Action Assessment Tool and DatabaseSM.  Click here for a more detailed overview.

  • Planning Jobs for Safety & Success: An advanced 1-day workshop focusing on the pre-task planning process (which has also been called JSA and JHA training). It can be delivered with or without utilization of the vPSI Online Pre-Task Planning Tool & Library SystemSM. Attendees leave the workshop with a library of pre-task planning documents that can be used instantly around the world. Click here for a more detailed overview.

  • vPSI Train-the-Trainer: Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be certified to train others in their organization on the Fundamentals of vPSI. Contact us for more information.

Custom vPSI-Based Training:

The possibilities for custom vPSI-based training are limited only by imagination. All existing classes can be customized using client-provided incidents. In addition, the following are examples of custom vPSI training classes previously developed for clients:

  • Introduction to Project Management: This 1-day workshop has been a vPSI offering for more than 10 years, but since it has recently been updated and revamped, it was decided to feature it on the website as an example of the non-HSE training available in the vPSI suite of offerings. Similar to the other vPSI training classes, it is an interactive workshop, with attendee involvement throughout. This class introduces attendees to the fundamental concepts in project management, from the initial project schedule through project close out. It can be extended to 2 days with additional case studies and exercises. Click here for a more detailed overview.

  • Hazard Recognition & Control

  • Enhanced Auditing Effectiveness Using vPSI Techniques

  • Drilling (or Production) Operations Improvement through Application of the vPSI System™

  • Risk-Based Journey Management

  • vPSI in the Project Environment

Elements of different vPSI training classes can be combined in a variety of ways, customized to meet the specific needs of a client. In addition, vPSI training can be provided in conjunction with other third party training. For example, vPSI corrective action training has been carried out as a 1-day workshop module added to TapRooT® and Cause Mapping training delivered by others.

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