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vPSI Group, LLC is a leader in cloud-based safety applications. In fact, our legacy applications have been in the cloud since before it was called "the cloud". We currently have three web-based tools available for your use, the vPST® and our two legacy tools, the Pre-Task Planning Tool & Library System and the Corrective Action Assessment Tool and Database. Each is described below.

The vPST®:

The vPST® is a digital tool that combines vPSI Group's decades of experience investigating unplanned events with Veris Global's Activity Manager, giving users a guided workflow to investigate incidents, analyse causes and Human Performance factors, and develop effective solutions that prevent a repeat of the unplanned event. See the brochure here and contact us to create an account.

This tool allows users to:
  • Access the system from anywhere on any device and control access through user profiles

  • Input, track, and monitor event reports from all types of unplanned events such as accident, incident, near miss, audits, or quality events

  • Apply 2Box Analysis for rapid resolution of logically simple unplanned events

  • Perform real time causal analysis including Human Performance Assessment

  • Interactively rate all corrective actions resulting from any unplanned event report using vPSI methods

  • Assign and track action items through email integration with clients' existing email platforms

  • Upload existing data from your current applications, databases, and spreadsheets

  • Prioritize corrective actions within event reports based on proven effectiveness

  • Eliminate proposed corrective actions that are destined to fail or not relevant to preventing a recurrence of the unplanned event

  • Calculate vPSI Metrics, including the vPSI Number – the only true leading key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Measure the overall effectiveness of the organizational response to things going wrong; in other words, measure organizational learning

  • Generate reports and charts organized by organizational entities, locations, etc utlizing Microsoft's integrated PowerBI toolset

vPSI Group offers corporate accounts in the vPST®.  Corporate Subscribers include administrative and access management features.  These accounts are for companies that have already implemented (or are in the process of implementing) the vPSI System™ and want a web-based repository for incident investigations, corrective actions, and corrective action ratings.  Corporate subscriptions allow for profile-driven confidentiality of data, separation of data into units / departments, and reporting based on the company's hierarchical structure.  The vPST® is customizable to match clients' current work processes so users can begin using the tool immediately with minimal training.


vPSI Group's two legacy tools can be accessed via the vPSI Online Tools Portal. Please contact us for more information.


vPSI Online Pre-Task Planning Tool & Library SystemSM:

Whether you use JSA, JHA, Tool Box Talk, Risk Assessment, Safety Huddle or some other Pre-Task Planning (PTP) process, the ultimate objective is the same: to make the task go according to plan, the way you want it to, with no nasty surprises. vPSI Group came up with the idea of an online tool that not only stores documents on a web server but also provides a methodology to lead PTP / JSA writers into creating direct action JSAs.  Design and development work is complete and the vPSI Online Pre-Task Planning Tool & Library SystemSM , called the vPSI Online PTP Tool for short, is now fully operational.

See the brochure.

There are two main pathways for use of this tool. 

  • The Open Library: The system design includes free user accounts with full functionality, operating in an open environment public Pre-Task Planning Document Library.  Click here to try it out. 

  • A Corporate Subscriber Library:  This is generally for companies that have already implemented (or are in the process of implementing) the vPSI System™ and want a central web-based repository for their Job Safety Analysis / Pre-Task Planning (JSA / PTP) documents as well as a methodology for leading their company's JSA / PTP writers into direct action JSAs rather than the more typical passive JSAs that simply provide good advice. These corporate accounts include additional administrative and access management features, along with opportunities to customize the user interface and final output.  Contact us for information on signing up for a Corporate Subscriber Library in the PTP Tool.

Whichever pathway a user takes to access this tool, they will find the following features:

  • A wizard that guides them to create a vPSI style JSA (meaning a checklist of assignments rather than a list of good advice) based on Hazard Groups.

  • An existing repository of hundreds of JSAs on a multitude of topics, all of which can be used as templates or as the basis for another JSA.

  • Ability to modify and customize an existing document to fit the current task situation.

  • Easy access to regularly used PTP documents from a personal customized "My Documents" page.

  • Ability to create JSAs in any Latin or Germanic based language (all other languages would need to be typed in another program and pasted into the tool).

  • Email or print any of the JSAs in the database.

  • Lock owned JSAs from editing by others.

  • Store and share JSA documents.

vPSI Online Corrective Action Assessment Tool and DatabaseSM:

On June 1st, 2009 vPSI Group launched public access to the vPSI Online Corrective Action Assessment Tool and DatabaseSM, called the vPSI Online Rating Tool for short.  This online tool operates in a secure web environment. Individuals, small businesses, or large corporations can reap the benefits of vPSI's automated approach to verifying the effectiveness of responses to unplanned events.  

To check out the vPSI Online Rating Tool, please follow these steps:

  1. Go the vPSI Online Tools Portal at

  2. Click on the first link “vPSI Rating Tool System.”

  3. Click on “Not Signed Up?

  4. Fill in the registration form for a free user account.

  5. One of our consultants will contact you to get you started.

Contact us for more information on any of our online tools.